CPI-Based User Acquisition for Mobile Games


Easy-to-track, but still efficient
CPA/CPI model to acquire users

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Inna Ushakova:

Less hassle, more control, and an outbound marketing that actually works

By focusing solely on mobile game advertising, we suggest less hassle, more control and inbound media buying services basing on classic CPA/CPI model to accelerate your game growth. To get the result we work under KPIs and optimize ad placements on direct traffic sources, social and search, video, DSP solutions and mobile ad networks. 


Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and MyTarget are to become proven social sources for acquiring lifetime value users. Having promoted a huge number of games within years, ZENNA team developed a unique expertise in advertising all known game genres there. Com2uS, ZeptoLab, Gree, Plarium and other our partners have already trusted us their Facebook campaigns to get vastly superior results. 

By full service social gaming solutions we offer a clear, competitive advantage, which is a totally data-driven result-oriented media buying basing on deep knowledge and proven success records. 

Speak with Media Byuing Specialist to learn more about how our social gaming user acquisition solution can help your game.

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