Exceeding KPIs for Machine Zone



We leverage targeting strategy to exceed KPIs for Machine Zone



MachineZone wanted to attract new players in a cost-efficient way. As their marketing strategy for Game of War and Mobile Strike is based on 'scorched earth approach', we needed a compelling new way, enough entertaining and relevant to meet the goal.


To attract new players, ZENNA team browse and filter through a database of millions of potential users to match them with a raw of unique messages, customized creatives and video ads on more than 350 direct traffic sources. The campaign leveraged ZENNA's targeting solutions to deliver active and valued players into the games.

Customized visuals and creatives produced by our team in rich media, video and native ad formats aim to create the most engaging experiences for the players on the other side of the screen. Connected by their common branded ads, our team had a unique opportunity to engage users in a fun, entertaining and, what the most important, -  relevant way. 

Article autor
Denial Gelman :
"Zenna has great people. The job they did were huge, and we've the results we aimed"


Over 560 ads were created during the 4-months campaign. Such approach increased the CTR up to 63%. The attracted audience outperformed all 'quality' benchmarks, demonstrating 1,5X engagement rate and exceeding the KPIs set by Machine Zone initially.  

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