SGN Wins With Cross-Channel Approach with ZENNA


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Data-Driven Tracking Solution by ZENNA helps SGN win with cross-channel approach and precise targeting



For the 2015 to promote their 4 titles, SGN was looking to increase the number of paying users, still considering the fact, that the average market CPI was to high for them. By tapping into their audience cogorts, we learned more about each player to make smarter campaign: across all touch points, and acroos all channels, was key to the success.

Leveraging ZENNA's Data-Driven Tracking Solution to bring life-time value users, Panda Pop and Sugar Smash reached TOP Grossing chart in US.


SGN collaborated with ZENNA to develop an integrated media-buying strategy to target across all channels and screens their audience in focus.

By applying to ZENNA's unique data-driven tracking technology, our team targeted each potential user throughout precisely matched cohorts with the actionable ad and message. We made sure all our advertising efforts provide only positive ad experience respecting each user’s engagement preferences. 

Article autor
William Ten,
Senior UA Manager at SGN:
"I saw the integration, accuracy and precision, and that’s why we knew we had to get over to ZENNA".


In a relatively short amount of time SGN acquired a large, qualitative players by sharp target through cross- channel and screen approach. By measuring accurately all post-event data on real-time basis we built and optimized the user experience journey since the first click up to fist in-app payment, thus ensuring the real results. 

 Leveraging ZENNA's data-driven tracking solution to bring life-time value players, has brought Panda Pop and Sugar Smash to TOP 50 Grossing in USA and Canada.

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