Scaling Successfully Soft Launch on iOS for Octopus Games


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Octopus Games tests ZENNA on profitably acquiring new users by scaling soft-launch



Octopus Games – developer and publisher of mobile games for different platforms. The headquarter is located in Minsk (Belarus).  Octopus Games actively strengthen its position in development and publishing of its own mobile games.

They has made large-scale Facebook advertising a core strategy for acquiring high value players for their new mobile game Happy Friends: Amazon Adventure. To achieve the goals, Octopus Games launched the worldwide campaigns leveraging ZENNA expertize.


While Octopus Games in-house marketing team had a goal for scaling mobile app installs through Facebook advertising, they needed to achieve that scale in a strategic and sustainable way.

Maintaining consistent performance—as measured primarily by cost-per-install (CPI) and downstream revenue—was a critical factor in defining the success criteria. ‘Scale + performance’ was the name of the game.

Tatiana Gorelikova,
Head of Marketing at Octopus Games:
"We found a great business partner in ZENNA! They deliver all of the great things marketing company promises: competent management, efficient user acquisition and intelligent marketing consultation for your game."


1. Improved efficiency with bulk ad creation. Octopus Games saved time and reduced the risk of costly errors by asking ZENNA’s Creative team to prepare highly performed creative basing on their experience.

2. Granular performance control at scale. With ZENNA audience override tools, Octopus Games targeted and set different CPI goals for each geographic market, affording them tighter control over costs and efficiency, while still enabling large-scale growth.

3. Smarter promotion of top creatives. ZENNA automated ad creative testing through its internal tech solution to ensure that only the image and copy combinations that drove the most valuable game installs were promoted at scale. 


Starting small and growing Facebook ad spend consistently and efficiently, ZENNA achieved impressive returns on a massive scale after just one months.

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