Radium Games Gained 6k Installs with 26% ROI in one month


ROI 26%

We made great start for our partners and achieve APRU $0,76 in 1st month.



Radium Games is a Hong Kong based game publisher. The prime objective was to ensure a successful start and attract an audience to its new product Heroes vs. Darkness in a very short time. Radium Games entrusted ZENNA with this task.

ad2heroes vs darkness


Heroes vs. Darkness mainly targets the hardcore audience, known for its high expectations and pickiness when it comes to mobile products. With the help of our design team, a series of bright and beautiful creatives for the Facebook ad campaign were created.  

Radium Games was interested in acquiring a loyal and paying audience. We can measure the success of the campaign by the overall CPI and Return Rate. ZENNA decided to focus its efforts on quality rather than quantity and took the planning process very seriously.

Kay Wang,
Marketing Manager at Radium Games:
ZENNA did great work and fulfilled this task perfectly. Taking into account the specific features of the campaign, our objectives were not easy to achieve. However, ZENNA fully met our expectations and once again proved to be a loyal and reliable partner.


1. Quick and effective start. One of the most important requirements made by our partner was to ensure a quick and effective start of the campaign in the shortest time possible. Within just 24 hours, ZENNA team prepared all necessary creatives, including the advertising video, adjusted the settings, performed integration and, finally, was able to reach the predetermined daily CAP volume right after the campaign start.

2. 24/7 monitoring and quality control. The internal automation system of traffic buying, developed by ZENNA’s technical team, allows optimizing and managing campaigns 24/7. In 1 week, ZENNA was able to achieve and fix the result that exceeded Radium Games' expectations.

campaign results

3. Life-time value players for heroes & darkness. ZENNA team always focuses on the Return Rate and paying capacity of the attracted audience, as the 2 main metrics of optimization of campaigns aimed at attracting quality users for our partners’ games. The average ARPU amounted to $0,74 within the very first month and the ROI greatly exceeded the averages of other campaigns and equaled 26%.

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