Oasis Games Goes to CIS-Markets with ZENNA


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Advanced targeting helps Oasis Games to attract new engaged players



Oasis Games needed to attract new highly engaged users to their new game Demon Slayer in CIS-countries. 

Randy Zhao:
"In the very beginning, ZENNA team deeply analyzed our game and existing user audience to find out, what players they should target. That helped a lot to attract new active and monetizable users for our game".


By leveraging ZENNA's Data-Drive Tracking Solution and its extensive targeting capabilities, we selected the apps that indexed highly amongst 18-27 year old players. To guarantee high engagement, we decided to advertize Demon Slayer on MyTarget.  

On completion,  to suggest a more comprehensive experience, we utilized more than 140 creatives in 2 weeks to target and attract the most relevant and engaged players to the game. The creatives provided the option to see a various gameplay shots, which drove a high volume of clicks and CR at 7,85%.


We've reached 22,5K installs in 1,5 months thanks to higly convertible creatives and visual materials produced by ZENNA internal creative team. The players attracted showed  82% of tutorial completion rate. 

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