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by Sedykh Mikhail, on

ZENNA Started Accepting Applications for Publishing on the Odnoklassniki Native Mobile Gaming Platform

In May 2016, Odnoklassniki, one of Russia’s biggest social networking websites, presented its native mobile gaming platform and began accepting applications for publishing. ZENNA became its only official partner and now acts as a production center.  

Zenna and ok.ru

The new mobile platform has already been adapted for Android and its launch for iOS is scheduled for the end of July 2016.

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by Mikhal Sedykh, on

Ads and Other New Enhancements on App Store

Apple has recently announced a range of new enhancements for App Store coming out soon. We are to see some major changes this fall.

The most important news is that advertisers can now show search ads of their products on search results. In fact, this is contextual advertising that has a high enough efficiency ratio due to its relevance to the search query.

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by Inna Darienko, on

How Identify Your Whale?

Monetization has been a hot topic in the games industry over the past years, ever since the rise of free to play games. How to optimize monetization, how to define correct pricing buckets or how to better convert players are just a few of the widely discussed questions concerning the topic. In this article, however, we’ll be approaching monetization from a different angle.

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