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by Bohdan Chernobay, on

Ultimate YouTube Influencers Marketing Guide

Ultimate YouTube Influencers Marketing Guide

Almost every person knows what YouTube is. The average user spends daily about 40 minutes watching the videos. But a lot of us do not even guess how powerful this video-sharing service might be for mobile games promotion.

The fact is that more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices and the second popular section of videos on YouTube (after "music" section) is games.

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by Sedykh Mikhail, on

Native Advertising Study

In mobile the term ‘native advertising’ is often referred to ads made in format, color and placement similar to native elements of the app. In this article we are talking about interactions and ad placement within the source itself.

A whole lot of info about the benefits of native or direct advertising emerged in a couple recent years and now we see an increase in interest in this subject. The main question is: how does it influence the Mobile Gaming market? We at ZENNA decided to take a look at the current Advertising market situation and in September 2016 we contacted some major gaming companies and a number of private advertisers.

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