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by Bohdan Chernobay, on

Ultimate YouTube Influencers Marketing Guide

Ultimate YouTube Influencers Marketing Guide

Almost every person knows what YouTube is. The average user spends daily about 40 minutes watching the videos. But a lot of us do not even guess how powerful this video-sharing service might be for mobile games promotion.

The fact is that more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices and the second popular section of videos on YouTube (after "music" section) is games.

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by Sedykh Mikhail, on

Intelligent Fraud Detection Guide by ZENNA

Fraud in mobile advertising is one of the hottest topics today. Not considering the fact it is pretty much discussable by experts, there are still a wide gaps in the knowledge of how define and prevent it. We tested the most popular and recognizable anti-fraud solutions and want to share the results in our guide.

Antifraud system

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