New Enhancements on App Store. New Incentives for Advertisers

Ads and Other New Enhancements on App Store

Sedykh mikhail

Apple has recently announced a range of new enhancements for App Store coming out soon. We are to see some major changes this fall.

The most important news is that advertisers can now show search ads of their products on search results. In fact, this is contextual advertising that has a high enough efficiency ratio due to its relevance to the search query.

Apple is also opening up the options of app distribution through subscription to all categories. Previously, paid subscriptions were used for streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify, some news portals and individually – under tariff plans for the existing applications, as with Evernote. It is worth mentioning that users will be able to have a tiered subscription to a group of apps.  

It will provide developers with further options of managing their pricing process and planning their sales volumes effectively. Huge companies like Microsoft and Adobe have long been practicing subscription-based distribution of their products.  

On its official website, Apple promises to give some further insights into the changes later this summer. But it is now clear that this logical move can result in creation of new paid versions of users’ most favorite apps.  

Very soon, we will know whether Apple will once again make a big change in the industry.