6 Things That Should Not Stop You In Performance Advertising

6 Things That Should Not Stop You In Performance Advertising

Sedykh mikhail

Mobile game performance advertising is a sure way to find audience for your project. Obviously it requires scrupulous approach, however, it is hard to underestimate its role in the promotion of your game. The story of many famous titles started with a well-made advertising campaign.

Myths about performance advertising

There are numerous prejudices and negative thoughts surrounding performance advertising; here we will discuss 6 most popular of them.

1. Performance Advertising market is full of fraud and lacks proper security.

Unfortunately, that’s the fact. Fraud is right there and it is one of the major issues in modern advertising. According to Appflyer in 2016 more than $300M was spent on bot acquisition. IAB states that the industry looses over $8B per year due to fraud.

This issue led to introduction of anti-fraud solutions. Recently leading analytics systems AdJust and AppsFlyer introduced their own fraud protection services. Plus, there are a lot of other services of a similar kind.

We had a chance to test and work with many solutions with the main aim of improving the traffic quality. By uniting our own software and third-party services we made our traffic secure from fraud and can now easily identify it. We are sure that soon such technologies will be available for all within already existing analytics systems and free services.

Today, fraud identification is not a huge problem to those who are really interested in keeping their traffic secure. Soon the situation will become even better.

2. Performance Advertising takes a lot of time.

Well, that’s the thing! Advertising likes attention and thoroughness. If you do your advertising by yourself you need to compose a plan, develop and test your creatives, find working methods, test the traffic quality and constantly monitor the campaigns in rotation.

When you outsource your advertising to an agency the bulk of workload goes to them including traffic channel optimization according to your Key Performance Indicators: RR, % Tutorial Completion, ARPU, ROI, etc. All you have left to do is monitor certain aspects and correct volumes and terms if necessary. In most cases your personal involvement becomes minimal which is a huge advantage of working with third-party advertising team.

There are disadvantages too. If you partner with an incompetent contractor you are risking to receive a load of bad traffic. You can secure yourself by tracking user behaviour in your game and analyzing traffic. You can avoid these issues by choosing a trustworthy partner.

3. CPI model does not provide complete control over traffic.

Yes it doesn’t. Read our paragraph on fraud above. Even if you pay for СPA there is no guarantee that you will not ‘accidentally’ buy some smart bots you can make certain actions.

Accurate targeting based on enriched user data is the key to success. Facebook, Twitter and Google help you find the exact user you described in the targeting settings. Some DSP networks perform a bit less effective: everything here depends on the quality of DMP (Data Management Platform) of a certain network and its ability to work with it.

Each instrument requires experience working with it. Facebook aims towards simpler interface and intuitive controls so anyone could achieve good results. Many other platforms have a learning curve and require experience and evaluation of effectiveness. However, practically every tool will show good results if you work with it correctly.

An apparent advantage of the CPI model with specified KPIs is no need for thorough traffic control. Advertisers are interested in all of their criteria being followed while the burden of finding a high-quality audience and traffic QA lies on the contractor.

4. Performance Advertising is expensive and unavailable for young teams.

Advertising budgets can work for months or fade away in mere hours. It all depend on the approach. You can find a suitable strategy for a company of any size.

Work on a target geo, optimize your bidding and daily install limit. This may have already turn your campaign from budget-eating to profit-earning. Nobody makes you spend huge sums, you can start small and work smart.

However, we do not recommend you to rely only on the CPI rate. Your main metrics is ROI.  To reach the desired result we suggest you to monitor the campaign’s ROI on 7th, 14th and 30th day… This way you will be able to keep your margin on the same level and not go into the red by the end of the month/quarter.

5. It is better to develop your own media buying.

Having your own media buying department should not restrict you from working with third-party agencies or other networks; these activities supplement each other. Your own department will always be limited to the number of employees, its competencies, knowledge of key geo and time on its hands.

To expand its competencies you will need to invest time and money. In the meantime, your competitors will not wait for you to keep up. If they are competent enough they will not hesitate to occupy the niche you aim for and steal your audience. In case when you need immediate results it is better to work with third-party teams having their expertise at hand before you will be able to acquire it within your own department.

This way you will be able to use all the tools, networks and platforms available without spending too much time to get experience. The market changes constantly and tools can drastically change in structure and algorithms in as little as 4 months span.

Moreover, some platforms like Facebook do not allow to cover the whole target market only by increasing your budget and copying campaigns. Learn how we combine work on a project with already existing campaigns of our customers in this article - A Guide on Advertising Campaign to Promote Mobile Game on Facebook.

Having your own department is definitely a plus but it is often not enough for realising the full potential on high turnover. It can work well with a dedicated part of workload and show good results doing it but loose in scalability.

6. Risks of hurting the brand with advertising campaigns.

Each ad agency has a name and authority behind it. Respectable agencies simply cannot allow themselves to run ads on questionable sources or using unfair methods as this wil immediately drop their reputation.

For example, misleads may both lower your traffic quality and cause generally negative attitude towards the brand (Why Misleads Could Ruin Your Ad Campaign).

If you are interested in keeping up with the quality criteria but not sure whether your contractor is able to do so - ask them to give you a report on used approaches and creatives or ascribe your preferences prior to the campaign’s launch. It is enough to minimize risks or uncover them if they appear.