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by Sedykh Mikhail, on

Christmas arrives at ZENNA

Christmas is almost here! All over the word, cities are decorated festively and the air is filled with the holiday spirit. It is time for us to sum up the results of the outgoing year 2016 and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For the mobile market, this departing year has been truly remarkable. For one, smartphone traffic has left behind desktop device traffic for the first time in its history; and the total revenue generated by mobile devices exceeded $400 billion! Secondly, forecasts of the leading global agencies indicate that the market will continue its rapid growth, which, of course, we find very exciting.

For ZENNA, this year has brought many wonderful projects and continued growth. We are highly grateful to all our clients, partners, and colleagues! Together we develop this market and help connect best games with best players. May the year 2017 be successful for you and may all your daring ambitions come true!

We would like to present a short but very important report on the accomplished work. Come and work with us in 2017, for together we can achieve all our objectives.

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by Sedykh Mikhail, on

Intelligent Fraud Detection Guide by ZENNA

Fraud in mobile advertising is one of the hottest topics today. Not considering the fact it is pretty much discussable by experts, there are still a wide gaps in the knowledge of how define and prevent it. We tested the most popular and recognizable anti-fraud solutions and want to share the results in our guide.

Antifraud system

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by Sedykh Mikhail, on

Native Advertising Study

In mobile the term ‘native advertising’ is often referred to ads made in format, color and placement similar to native elements of the app. In this article we are talking about interactions and ad placement within the source itself.

A whole lot of info about the benefits of native or direct advertising emerged in a couple recent years and now we see an increase in interest in this subject. The main question is: how does it influence the Mobile Gaming market? We at ZENNA decided to take a look at the current Advertising market situation and in September 2016 we contacted some major gaming companies and a number of private advertisers.

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by Sedykh Mikhail, on

Mobile Games Promotion with DSP. Does It Work?

DSP networks are getting more and more popular on the Mobile Promotion market; they already generate more than 50% of all mobile ads and their share keeps growing

DSP networks

DSPs offer huge advantages in mobile advertising thanks to their access to large user data bases and broader range of targeting instruments. Moreover, a campaign can be optimized in real time often by the CPI rate, and can display ads in multiple networks and channels simultaneously. However, everything is not as simple as it seems.  

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by Sedykh Mikhail, on

ZENNA Started Accepting Applications for Publishing on the Odnoklassniki Native Mobile Gaming Platform

In May 2016, Odnoklassniki, one of Russia’s biggest social networking websites, presented its native mobile gaming platform and began accepting applications for publishing. ZENNA became its only official partner and now acts as a production center.  

Zenna and ok.ru

The new mobile platform has already been adapted for Android and its launch for iOS is scheduled for the end of July 2016.

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by Sedykh Mikhail, on

A Guide on Advertising Campaign to Promote Mobile Game on Facebook

Guide to facebook advertising

The mobile ad market is quite segmented and represented by a variety of players and solutions: social networks and search ad networks, mobile ad networks and platforms, affiliate networks, video networks, DSP solutions etc. However, not all of them are effective when it comes to promoting mobile games.

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by Yuriy Yashunin, on

Why Misleads Could Ruin Your Ad Campaign


Over the past year, we have seen a significant increase in competition in the mobile field: the number of market players (individual arbitrage specialists; arbitrage agencies, partner networks) continues to grow, in-house media-buying developer’s departments enhance their expertise and volumes, and the market in general is becoming more accessible and transparent. In fact, the situation of the past where the demand for mobile installs exceeded the supply has changed dramatically: now the supply outstrips the demand greatly.  

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by Mikhal Sedykh, on

Ads and Other New Enhancements on App Store

Apple has recently announced a range of new enhancements for App Store coming out soon. We are to see some major changes this fall.

The most important news is that advertisers can now show search ads of their products on search results. In fact, this is contextual advertising that has a high enough efficiency ratio due to its relevance to the search query.

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