Ultimate YouTube Influencers Marketing Guide

Monday 15, May 2017
youtube influencers Almost every person knows what YouTube is. The average user spends daily about 40 minutes watching the videos. But a lot of us do not even guess how powerful this video-sharing service might be for mobile games promotion. The fact is that more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices and the second popular section of videos on YouTube (after “music” section) is games. Youtube popular categories Some more facts in favor of YouTube platform:
  • Burst Media in their research defined that influencer marketing campaigns earn about $6,85 for every $1 spent on this campaign.
  • In the same time, Forbes research shows that YouTube has the best ROI above any other social platform.
  • Google claimed that in 80% of cases YouTube ads were far more effective than TV ads in driving sales.
So if you are the developer or publisher with the new and cool mobile game, why not to try to find the most interested audience on the most popular video service? Well, you will definitely face some issues like what channel is better in terms of result rate, how to build efficient dialogue with the blogger and how to avoid all these mistakes which able to ruin all advantages of the YouTube ad campaign. That is the reason of creating this guide, where we will go through all possible problems and share our experience of cooperation with different bloggers, designing and deployment of ad and promo campaigns, selection of right channels, defining metrics, etc. More than a year we have been developing and expanding our own platform Zenna.tv, which successfully connects video bloggers with advertisers. With Zenna.tv we had the opportunity to explore, analyze and conclude. Now we know what kind of mistakes you can make when working with YouTubers, what metrics you should track and what YouTube promotion trends you can follow. All that information is gathered now in our Ultimate YouTube Influencers Marketing Guide.